Friday, April 25, 2008



City Boy Vs.* the Encroachment* of Nature

The Birds got their Revenge,
was it? And further, do
the loose cats know
something more is coming?

I brake for skunks.

The chipmunks are almost faster
than the eye can see.
A racoon climbs the vertical wall
to the trash dumpster lip.
(Road kill.)
The fawn was more graceful
than they so small and wobbly
are made out to be,
and it escaped my wheel
unlike the inert critter –
(I thought it was a squirrel,
But it pro’ly was a rat.)
Deer dart in and out
of the suburbs, --
Will we see them
on the ball courts next?

We may lose our food bank
Because of a mouse –
SHE doesn’t want them in the building.
A mouse or mice lived in my T.V. box.
(Lots of turds.)
One died there.

The Chinese build 2 coal power plants
per week, and
the Governor says
yes we can strip mine the entire state of Montana,
yet I’m concerned that the rabbits
in their burrows
may not be able to read their eviction notices
on time
since they don’t seem to do that well
with the eye chart.

If I’m on my front porch
in the desert of the American West,
maybe I’ll see a snake;
I don’t think I’ll care for it,
but rather for a remedy
of man’s inhumanity.
Let the glaciers fall
into the sea.
And if the EPA lets me breath out CO2
(a greenhouse gas)
I will continue to breath in.

* Sports terms

by Sam Stevens © 2007

So that’s a poem I’ve mentioned before. Global warming? Maybe a half a degree.
The orthodox dude at the JCC crowded my space and bumped (I said excuse me.) Of him, I can say, he’s not Christian. Perhaps he’s with the right wing settlers who should be educated. I need to continue to show respect to my benefactors.
I’m now in new pain and I blame the mafia as the bad guys. The Israeli air strike at Syria in September, 2007 was mentioned today on the news against conspiracy with North Korea. That strike was cleared with the U.S. Do you think George W. is going to clear it with you before he hits Iran? I hope I’m wrong, maybe. I should check with Kambiz, my would be friend from Iran. Is there anything he can say to stave off an invasion? In this country I was in the streets in 1979 against the Iranian kidnappings. As Billy Jack would say, I try and I try… to support Israel.

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