Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hope Dangling

Hope Dangling
Or maybe if you get to know her better, you can call her Naked Hope, as in Blogger won’t let me add a page element, and now all I want on my blogroll or links is one site – It’s my favorite blog. From there you can get to Erin’s blog, and a host of other serious, awesome writers. Until this gets sorted out (I may have to go to Live Journal,) read my blog and type in
P.S. 11/17 I’ve managed to put a link on the side, but not in the text. I’ve got the edit post box open and this type of thing inserted: href =http etc. and its not working – or is it?


My blog header is missing on Wordpress. This is a sophisticated attack on my website. Perhaps it was the Republicans, as I did say something mediocre about McCain. More likely it was the professionals at American Gangster. Maybe they didn’t like that I said there was a special place in hell for those who promote a movie about a black heroin kingpin. Or it could be someone else. You get a better picture of the blog at blogspot dot com. Either you like me or you don’t. Either you get it or you don’t. A large part of it is me personally against organized crime. It is more.
The widget under Options won’t work at Wordpress. So here again is the address to make the network stronger. Send money.
13829 Cedar Rd. #306
S. Euclid, OH 44118
Also I have to write about Pakistan because I think the U.S. wants a bigger crisis so it can do shock and awe bombing on the mountains at the Afghanistan border. If Musharraf goes down and Bhuto takes over, then you get a government characterized by ineptitude and corruption, until engulfed by the fundamental extremists. These last are a primary cause of the emergency, perhaps soft-pedaled by Bush because they don’t want us to know how bad it really is. Maybe Osama gets the bomb.
Yawn. Just kidding. I’ve had a lot of pain lately. It could be the Russian Mafia. This PBS show once said of Napoleon that he came from Corsica, where vendetta ruled the land. I’m fighting back because I think vendetta rules this land, U.S of A. You can help fight back or watch your freedoms disappear. And maybe you can catch a ball game.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Support Musharraf

Support Musharif
This is what I believe is appropriate. He has control of the nuclear weapons. He speaks English. Why Rice says it’s a problem is beyond me. Constitutional crisis emergency – OK as long as the good guys win. Oh by the way my wordpress header and address is missing.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


To Clarify, Again
Game 7 is the final game of a series where the victor needs to win four games. Best of Seven. Last time there was a Seinfeld joke where the Soup Nazi, a purveyor, would deny the customer if said customer did not kiss ass to person and soup. I understand game 7 does not occur in cricket, soccer or rugby. The Indians were denied. Perhaps the fix was in, as with most of this baseball stuff. I do know that about 1975, on opening day, Frank Robinson had the necessities to hit a home run as manager, player-manager, of the Cleveland Indians. I know because I skipped school to be with the 70 some thousand fans who saw it.
About the urgent military necessities, it looked like I was agreeing with Bush. And I was to a limited extent. I believe that in Iraq there are such necessities. I believe the war effort can be drawn down, scaled back, and pulled out. Say excuse us, we are sorry we tortured all you guys, goodbye. Deal with oil on a world market where we are so screwed because of demand from China and India. Ask why the Moslem countries with the oil in the ground and the weakening dollars flowing in, are picking on the U.S.