Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yes it makes one sad that the country is in a depression. Like the Great Depression. Unemployment is high, perhaps 20% or more. They don’t use the word depression or count persons who have stopped looking for work in their statistics.
The price of gas hurts the individual and the large economy. If business picks up, commuters and other demand will put upward pressure on price and drag on prosperity. Also I want to buy a big old car so this is cramping my style.
While I’m on the subject of personal complaints, I may mention that quality and availability of products is questionable. For example, it is difficult if not impossible to find Tylenol brand pain med. Milk and beer are toxic if not poisonous. And it matters not if these brands are imported or domestic.
Heck even Tums are suspect. Furthermore its probable the Bad Guys have gotten to my pharmacy to make daily living dicey. But it’s OK; I can go walk the dogs now.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Ground Bin Ladin
We should elect a president who will get or ground Bin Ladin. The current one has lost the body and hidden pictures, and therefore lied. Maybe Hillary or Lindsey Graham will do better.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Fools Do Fall,
Charlie Rose, George Noory, and David Brooks have a lot to learn. When someone in Tucson shoots their mouth off, maybe the stupid should remain silent.
Charlie was here talking to a Chinese fellow, Charlie in a wild striped suit maybe attempting to spread New Jork fashions. Here I am trying to follow the lead, but it becomes clear these jerks are just a bunch of jerks.
Can you say “Cover Up?”
The shooter was not diagnosed or treated. He was a Big Jerk. He has nothing to do with me.
Big Jerks do fall and some media hounds disgust. Reiterate that these shits pick on the less fortunate. No more “I love you’s.”