Sunday, December 30, 2007

Going In with TV's, No Light Bulbs

Going In with TV’s, No Light Bulbs
About Paki’s, light bulbs and TV’s. I hear Pakistan’s got 40-70 nuclear devices, and two neat submarines to deliver them.
In February 2009, at least three quarters of our televisions won’t work any more, because it has been legislated that air signals be digital. I think this is corruption to sell more TV’s and the crooks win, and the poor person loses. He must buy a converter or a new TV. Maybe this makes it easier to track what you watch.
Similar maybe is the fact that the light bulb has just been made illegal by an Act of congress. The cheap vehicle that poor people light their worlds with is banned. I think this is government oppression. Lighting is going to be so expensive. This may be about energy use but it costs the poor person and it’s not fair. I don’t think global warming is real; it’s just an excuse to pass bad, oppressive laws. If you take away the internal combustion engine, the economic forces MUST help the poor people first. I think there can be controls that help alleviate hunger, disease, and homelessness. Responsible breeding may be promoted and choice is allowed.
Regarding Musharaf, maybe the whole country of India is mad at me because I said something good about him. As if the US has a right to push them around, Musharaf did what they asked. He did what they asked; he took off his uniform and scheduled elections.
Why the change in story on how she died – bullets vs. bumping her head?
Bhutto was pretty rough on Musharaf. It could have been the army. I read where Musharaf felt Bhutto double crossed him after he allowed her into the country without facing corruption charges.
France, Britain, and the US governments have offered assistance. Hilary said there’s no reason to trust their government, and she’s right. I don’t know what to do because I don’t have Intelligence Advisors. But I think we should be ready to secure their government and their nukes.
Hardliners within the Pakistan regime are extremist. Musharaf is trying to stay alive. I’ve heard conflicting reports that he’s confronted the Taliban in the Northwest, and that he’s been too soft on them.
I believe it was those hardliners who killed Bhutto, who said she’d work with just about ANYBODY to oppose Musharraf. I ask in the context of life and death politics, did she deserve what she got? I do know she was a very brave lady who wagered her life and lost.
We’ve got military bases there already, but I don’t know what we can do.
Also I’m in physical pain from sources that make me wonder how great our government is anyway.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

sevnetus 2, Coin Toss Won

sevnetus 2, Coin Toss Won
So I did catch a ball game this weekend, and it ended with a blown call by a ref in black and white stripes. This is one of the lessons kids should learn, that the officials or umpire, is very likely going to screw up the whole game. Dan Dierdorf said, “This is not a democracy or a republic…,” speaking about replay review. Oh, sports are fascist and gay, that’s the short version.
It’s like a coin toss. One team is going to win; one team is going to lose, so why subject yourself to all this intermediary aggravation? There’s the image of two soldiers or sailors short on time and forced into a ménage a trois deciding what female body part they get with the call, head or tail. And furthermore these types of events are gambled on to fixed results.
Maybe I wouldn’t complain, but yes I am in pain. And it’s the bad guys who must be combated with extraordinary means. I’m conflicted. Such a civil libertarian. I think Bush was illegal when he was using telecommunications companies like ATT and AOL for information outside of FISA and outside of warrants. Read Banned Books. But if the Mafia is running around causing havoc with their funny language, I’m good for one vote to take them on. These are guys who impersonate religion. One vote against Hilary who parodied the Sopranos last episode with a campaign advertisement – I don’t think its funny, I’m in pain.
This is what Margaret Atwood meant in The Handmaid’s Tale, “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” I’m in pain below and poisoned every day, every day a criminal assault.
I’m speaking from a position that I’ve had a lot of crummy jobs in my life. Now I have none. I used to work for the government too.
The pope wrote an encyclical about hope, and that hope dangling wrote me back is not a coincidence, it’s important.
What happens when year after year all the money gets sent to OPEC countries for oil. No wonder this government wants to take over a country (Iraq) for oil. And things are not balanced.
You writers can write, blog writers can blog and see that this essay strains at cohesiveness. I usually pick tails. And if I play it means I win both ways. Because we are coming to take away the Mafia’s rights.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hope Dangling

Hope Dangling
Or maybe if you get to know her better, you can call her Naked Hope, as in Blogger won’t let me add a page element, and now all I want on my blogroll or links is one site – It’s my favorite blog. From there you can get to Erin’s blog, and a host of other serious, awesome writers. Until this gets sorted out (I may have to go to Live Journal,) read my blog and type in
P.S. 11/17 I’ve managed to put a link on the side, but not in the text. I’ve got the edit post box open and this type of thing inserted: href =http etc. and its not working – or is it?


My blog header is missing on Wordpress. This is a sophisticated attack on my website. Perhaps it was the Republicans, as I did say something mediocre about McCain. More likely it was the professionals at American Gangster. Maybe they didn’t like that I said there was a special place in hell for those who promote a movie about a black heroin kingpin. Or it could be someone else. You get a better picture of the blog at blogspot dot com. Either you like me or you don’t. Either you get it or you don’t. A large part of it is me personally against organized crime. It is more.
The widget under Options won’t work at Wordpress. So here again is the address to make the network stronger. Send money.
13829 Cedar Rd. #306
S. Euclid, OH 44118
Also I have to write about Pakistan because I think the U.S. wants a bigger crisis so it can do shock and awe bombing on the mountains at the Afghanistan border. If Musharraf goes down and Bhuto takes over, then you get a government characterized by ineptitude and corruption, until engulfed by the fundamental extremists. These last are a primary cause of the emergency, perhaps soft-pedaled by Bush because they don’t want us to know how bad it really is. Maybe Osama gets the bomb.
Yawn. Just kidding. I’ve had a lot of pain lately. It could be the Russian Mafia. This PBS show once said of Napoleon that he came from Corsica, where vendetta ruled the land. I’m fighting back because I think vendetta rules this land, U.S of A. You can help fight back or watch your freedoms disappear. And maybe you can catch a ball game.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Support Musharraf

Support Musharif
This is what I believe is appropriate. He has control of the nuclear weapons. He speaks English. Why Rice says it’s a problem is beyond me. Constitutional crisis emergency – OK as long as the good guys win. Oh by the way my wordpress header and address is missing.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


To Clarify, Again
Game 7 is the final game of a series where the victor needs to win four games. Best of Seven. Last time there was a Seinfeld joke where the Soup Nazi, a purveyor, would deny the customer if said customer did not kiss ass to person and soup. I understand game 7 does not occur in cricket, soccer or rugby. The Indians were denied. Perhaps the fix was in, as with most of this baseball stuff. I do know that about 1975, on opening day, Frank Robinson had the necessities to hit a home run as manager, player-manager, of the Cleveland Indians. I know because I skipped school to be with the 70 some thousand fans who saw it.
About the urgent military necessities, it looked like I was agreeing with Bush. And I was to a limited extent. I believe that in Iraq there are such necessities. I believe the war effort can be drawn down, scaled back, and pulled out. Say excuse us, we are sorry we tortured all you guys, goodbye. Deal with oil on a world market where we are so screwed because of demand from China and India. Ask why the Moslem countries with the oil in the ground and the weakening dollars flowing in, are picking on the U.S.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


You know I almost changed my f’s to heck, but now it overlaps where I change the Go Tribe to Oh Well, our Sabathia and Carmona did not have the necessities to succeed. Nope, no game seven for you.
Today Abigail Adams had this to say on public TV, “Great necessities call out great virtues.” Or some such mystery.
President Bush said “These are urgent military necessities…”
These things are true.
Send money to Sevnetus
13829 Cedar #306
S. Euclid, OH 44118

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

You Talk Too Fast

You Talk Too Fast:
Sung to the tune of, “You talk too much.” I’m complaining because I put in the time and I watched it and I was rooting for the home team, but when you spewed like Thomas Friedman, it was too, too much, and these foreigners ruled the day.
I’m talking about the Iran guy, and the Saudi guy, and they won big, and the U.S. should get out of Iraq now.
I can’t believe the things that you say. You talk too fast.

So I’m going to keep writing until it comes out right. If you think you are going to be the sword of Solomon in my life, you’ve got another thing coming. I’m in pain now and yesterday I could not write but now I can. I can lead against the bad guys.
Some of my friends are Jewish. The professionals who talk to me during the day work for a Jewish social work organization. Maybe the Palestinians should accept a One state solution where they shut the f*ck up. Stop sending suicide bombers and rockets. It’s that simple. And if you live in an Arab country in the region, you should shut the f*ck up about the Palestinians because it’s not your democratic business unless you want a nucle sandwich.
And I’m going to answer Amindinejad’s question about the Holocaust, “How does this help the Palestinians?” We believe in a safe state and “Never again.” This includes You.
See, it’s not so difficult. Speak slowly. And there’s Hell to pay for my below the belt pain.

I have access to people who can straighten me out on the Middle East question.
My bicycle seat was stolen, I believe, by little black gangsters. For the purposes of this blog, I don’t want to appear racist, chauvinist, misogynist or anti-Semitic.

This is bad writing. However, it’s what I’m doing now, even though I may have to pull some of it down. And I’ll ask for funding help – send money to the address below, and sometime soon the network can help you. You know it’s a sob story about health why I cannot get another job. So help out, comment and tune in.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I need some place to go. I have someplace to go.
Blogging is something I do. I’m tickled pink that I’ve gotten thoughtful comments on what I’ve put forth. I’m thankful, because it has given meaning to my whole past single life I’ve been concerned with. Also I’m doing now. Let me restate now.
I study poetry to make my prose better. I don’t like reverse discrimination. I don’t like fascist homosexuality, for example. Lesbians who preach a woman only needs women do a disservice and are the enemy. I’m sorry but the culture of prudery and same sex proponents do us a great disservice. Make Love, not War.
Other than that I’m trying to build a good guy network. Read my writer friends and they’ve been bland and not commented on my blog. One whom I owe a very lot too has guests I don’t want, so I comment infrequently on her blog. Another I’m going to list for free, just to be connected.
I’m reading blogs and finding people based on my quality books, movies and music. Wordpress has poetry and politics, and these thoughtful people are welcome here. I resolve to be nicer in my comments; for example I stumbled into a radical Mormon and I’m sorry I was a little nasty.
I’m in physical pain so I blame the Mafia: Italian, Russian, and/or Jewish. They keep hurting me, so I think we should blow them up. I’d rather be a uniter than a divider, but Regan was one of our worst presidents and if that’s a deal breaker, so be it.
Onward I explore the blogosphere and hope to make connection. Thank you.

Edit by toning down the Lesbian enemy by necessity. Can the caste system be minimized. And can my social position by improved, even if it currently is not believed?

P.S. 9/18/07 Edited today. I’ll try again next time to say something similar, to get it right. Can you help me make peace with the Man-haters?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Black Surprise - Get Someone Else

Edited 9/5/07 Mom says I should (…)
Black Surprise – Get Someone Else
I am afraid I have to shave my head.

So I went to the Post Office and I went after them and I took a swing and missed. Now I don’t use the lights on my bike anymore since this black cop wrote me a 85 Dollar ticket today. Now every black is the (…) word, and every cop is a (…)

Well I can‘t use this right now. Change the title. Keep the title.
Black cop; 85 dollar fine, set up – the blacks are against me.
I do not think I can use 8/8.
Publish the poem?
100 # wire, corrupted.

Still I can’t use this. I should be in the other black book. My life seems pointless if I can’t make the blog work. And it needs more excitement. I’ve missed (“Xena”), and she’s still gone, only I’ve bumped into her. I should have got (“Shelly’s”) phone #.

Black surprise – get someone else. Black spring?
Black Spring is a Henry Miller book, and I’ve got a knack for finding people in this way with Blogger help. Today I used Sideways to sort by, and I found a professional journalist who used his personal blog to refer me to a San Francisco newspaper article by someone else and I was not impressed. It was by and about a woman whose parents remodeled their kitchen. Pathetic and who cares. Go figure. Then again I similarly checked out this Lady from the English Empire who chooses to live in Sicily. I could not resist, I should ask “why?” She explained where and what she had for lunch with many pictures. This same day I had brats (prime meat wieners, not cake,) with old mushrooms, diced tomatoes, garlic cheese sauce, and pasta shells.
After the pool and air pump someone yelled “Thank you name,” and later during the ball game they advertised Ricoh company and my balls hurt from the mob and I’m thinking these ace governors want to intimidate using Rico anti-racketeering threat. And I will mention the ball game although I think it is gay to watch so much baseball when I don’t have a girlfriend. Watch I did as the home first place Major League professional baseball team, in front of a sold out stadium, won 7 to nothing. It was nationally televised on WGN also. Mr. Byrd, the Cleveland Indians pitcher, had a two hitter going into the ninth. Although the White Sox loaded the bases, the warming bullpen was not needed for this complete game shut out. This is an eight game winning streak. And the crowd went wild, like they did when all those runs scored.
And I hear Appalachian State blocked The University of Michigan’s field goal to win today. I must say it doesn’t get any better than this, though sports are a coin toss. Sometimes heads or tails is not so bad, rather (relief.)
I’ve calmed down regarding the cops and the Negroes. My bike got stolen two weeks before by blacks I strongly believe. Every day is a challenge, and my hair is cut very short. I always think of the tune, “Almost cut my hair – happened just the other day…It’s getting kinda long. But I didn’t, and I wonder why? It’s like I owe it to … someone!”
The video on PBS seemed to show them guys burning to death in a flipped over Bradley. I mean you can’t get out the top, if it’s the bottom. We owe it to them. And you can quote me saying I’m glad to see that flamer Gonzalez go because he rewrote the book on torture in a very bad way.
There’s a whole paragraph on Romeo and Juliet missing since I went out. My testicles hurt. I said if they would have taken my advice, and found someone else, they could have lived happily ever after.

Monday, August 6, 2007


This post begins on a rather serious note, as the title word describes no less than: a) the result of the recent War between the Sexes and b) the personal position I find myself in as having no wife, no kid, and no girlfriends for years.
This is not China where there are rules about child numbers and the girls are aborted. This is the U.S., where there is one Me Generation after another, and not enough young worker bees to support the Baby Boomers in retirement. This is a result of popular culture influences, like TV, cable TV, movies, and novels. So now we’ve got women like I complained in the last post, and we’ve got lonely guys like me. I say the social contract broke down when I finished college and there was no good job for me. So it was year after year of crummy jobs ‘till I find myself in this undefined spot.
There are no delusions of grandeur here. I’d like to try to run this socially conscious network. Originally this was to include web site design, and as soon as I have the people power in place, I’ll let you know. When I can put links on the right side of this blog, I will. When the bad guys stop torturing me… I don’t know.
I do know I’d like to write like Henry Miller (Anais does it too,) and be a writer right here. I read a few blogs and will challenge the academicians and other pros to be substantive. To comment more is one way to grow this blog; so, “Hello.”

Regarding Minneapolis, I suggest it was sabotage. We will see what we can do. I am in pain. How bad is bad. Bad. You can help.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Now 2

Now 2
It is unclear to me why I must go out of my way to attack the Mafia. That is, outside of the continuous pain I encounter from various entities I ingest. OK I’m administering this blog, this Network of do gooders. So far it’s an unpaid position. In fact I’ve given up home internet access that could have been paid from revenue. I’ve written how Time Warner and AT&T are not worth the money or the hassle.
The library helps sevnetus.
Here’s the new address to send your pennies, millions and billions:
(Do you hear me Sheldon Adelson)

13829 Cedar Rd. #306
S. Euclid, OH 44118

Same zip. Otherwise we lost the apartment number 7. Same network receiving the same gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Maybe it’s because no one else will do it. I’m hear to tell you that that commercial with the fool singing opera and cutting photo booth photos has got to go. At least this Iraq war has got to go. We cannot spread this system of government that allows the Black Hand organizations to assault people like me at will.
No War.
Make Love, Not War.
Furthermore, these United States have another thing coming. If something big and bad happens, maybe it’s military people.
“My mother is mine.”

I’m returned from the bus stop, not to go swimming tonight, though I could use the exercise. On hindsight this looks like some of my crappier writing, but maybe I can save and post.
I’ve had a lot of pain and this bothers me. Enough to call off the Iraq war. Enough to call out the Church for its unhealthy symbiotic relationship with the Mob, even though I know I can’t take what they’re dishing out. I’ve got 16 years of education, a prayer group, and fairly recent Sacraments on my side. I don’t know for sure Who it is.
There’s other social commentary this blog is good for. Maybe a poem soon. This is important. The Doors tune goes, “When you’re strange, women seem wicked.” Well I’m not, but women seem unavailable to me politically speaking, maybe because I’m poor, politically speaking. But also because they’ve been conditioned by the Mob to be prude, Lesbian, mean, hookers, independent of partnership, or paranoid. Of course there are those of committed relationships like marriage
I can understand this, and if I get embarrassed by comment, maybe I’ll edit, retract, or heaven forbid, apologize. I should Blog more, like comment and spread the word. Good Luck and Have Fun.

Friday, July 27, 2007


A nine is a type of gun. Today’s poem had the execution of a deer with a blade as better than a gutshot bleedout and I wonder. Same dude I could have asked if he thought Iraq U.S. guys blown apart were heroes.

Nine is similar to a German word for No. Is the Pope… Is the Pope saying no to Vatican II? Is the Pope saying yes to throwing the Mafia out and using Latin as magic to combat the forces of evil? I wonder.
Nine is similar to Nin, the name of Anais, who was Henry Miller’s friend. I’ve just listened to a tape of her reading in ’72 at the NINEty Second Street Y (from her diary.) It reminded me that I liked Miller for more than just the sexy parts, these both writers are expansive, is the only word I can come up with now.
Nine is similar to Nin, the first name of a poet lady who fulfils promise. I heard her read, and her blog reminds me that we all need to do better than puppy dogs. And this is me trying to make friends as deemed…
Nine is unlike 5’6”, 215, a bleach blonde bomber with a streak of mean. This is my Roller Derby Queen. It’s the music anyway from Jim Croce, who I remember died in a plane crash, and where I was at the time I heard. My skates were black leather with yellow outdoor wheels and laces. I lost them in a move.
Did I mention I’m in pain?
Nine is the first part of the number 9:42, that comes up in the I Phone commercial. It came up in another poem that haunts me. Maybe you want to see what the number means to you.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Blog Post to End...

Blog Post to End …
Time Warner sent me a bill for another month. AT&T wants to sell me for Internet access, after it took me three months to get credit for the last imaginary deal they billed me for. Patti Smith sang “They’re throwing rocks at the tanks…” Today it’s like that in Israel, right or wrong, and Time Warner can expect, well I don’t know, I should stay out of trouble. They did write, “A collection fee of up to 25.00 will be added to your account for any payment collected at your door by a Time Warner Cable representative.”
These people are not going to be part of the network for good against evil. Another thing ATT used to do was sell internet access, and I’d tell them, “Help me, my phone is undependable, it gets scratchy, static like, and goes out no dial tone for a day at a time.” They should have known what the problem was from my explanation, and they were wrong about “resistance” and could only say maybe I’d owe $71.00.
So the plan was to try to live without the expense of home internet access. Some of these news sources are so conservative, it’s like brainwashing, and I can do without it.
I’ve moved. Now is a miracle. That’s the good news. Thanks for asking, but the pain is not better, it’s like I’m being tortured every day or every day, and no I don’t want it to continue. Today is my birthday, and I’m not really on speaking terms with my father, who is a psychological predator.
I’m in pain now and I’m going to break for swimming if I can. It’s Saturday and the ‘brary closes, but by tomorrow I’ve got to use my flash drive and post this, because Time Warner is trying to screw me as three of their customer service people have not helped me. Then maybe I’ll comment other writers’ blogs. Thanks.

I have to write more. I am in pain now. I cannot let the pain slow down my writing. I’ve been blowing off the JCC because I get poisoned there and I have not been able to do anything with the lifeguards or members. I have to write more, otherwise maybe I’m more like a bum. The Cable people are asking for trouble. I could not ask the Catholic woman-with-a-ten-year-old-son out for breakfast because I was up all night in pain. It’s amazing I made it to the art festival at all. Chipotle (may be a good place to eat.)

Friday, June 8, 2007

Double Horn Honk

Double Horn Honk
What is being done to my left testicle is criminal. The pain is meant to do psychological damage to me. I mean damage beyond the ability to shake off the pain. Beyond the ability to say, “I had some pain in the past, it’s better now, so it doesn’t matter much.” I’m talking long lasting damage from torture. I’m talking fear of disfunctionality in the physical organ, the ability to provide testosterone. Emasculation. Does the phrase, “Dead meat” mean anything to you? For no good reason, these SOB’s are messing with me. This is when I could be running a worldwide network of powerful people. Instead, the question is should I go back to the BLACK night manager who followed me around the store and say, “Here, what you sold me is poison.”
The decision was that this is a daytime thing, that to deal against evil s/b done by the light of day. The double horn honk came as I left Giant Eagle with my double eggs and double gallon sale milk. Daytime I should wear my, “I am a Witness” T shirt that I garbage picked yesterday. I want to comment on other blogs and bring traffic here. Does this sound ridiculous? No.

Sunday, June 3, 2007


Garbage time.
That meant that there was not to be a fair rendering of the facts.
Pane like window pane like WTTW, Chicago’s Window To The World, their public TV station.
Pane like a poetic reference as to what is going on with my testicles, pain. Real funny huh – not.
I trust what I write to be better Press than the public stations, though these are better than CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX. I cannot read the far left like the Communists, The Nation, and Common Dreams. I scan the Huffington Post. This Blog is the big time. It is reporting, it is analysis. And if you are paying attention it is more.
Chicago’s got my pen pal, and it had Michael Jordan. Now we’ve got LeBron James and five days to celebrate that the Cavs, with Joe Tait and Zydrunis Ilgauskas are playing the NBA finals.
Pane also reminds me of a foreign word for bread, like money, like sperm. I’m in trouble, because Evil is stepping up to claim their prize. We will see their reward, and right now it looks like the bad guys win.
You know the Catholic priests have a Gay problem, and I wrote about their rare hooker problem. I prayed for a good outcome for the vendetta lady, and now my life is worth shit because I’m in so much pain and my urologist is good for nothing. He’s not going to like Universal Health Care or Socialized Medicine. These people have another thing coming.
That may be it, or was going to be. But since I’m claiming press, and I am anonymous, the number one 12 step program sucks. I could not drink their coffee, it was literally poison. I did not give them their dollar per meeting therefore, and instead of helping me deal with life on life’s terms, I was treated to rambling ignorant self indulgent black time wasters. I was verbally insulted by these same. And the romantic interplay that did not go on earns them the label of “Gay A.”
Fuck you shits who made the movie The Quiet. You gave the incest father the death penalty. Make Love not War. You are sick. The movie was sick. Edie Falco has a beautiful body and she got the approval to make this confusing movie.
I was going to phone this new poet lady, but because of my pain I could not carry this tune that my life was worth living. Hence, she gets a pass. Maybe tomorrow.
I should comment to my number one blogger lady. She dumped boyfriend dude. She gets the benefit of any doubt, and I look forward to her future adventures.
I, I, I bought this pork because I was angry and last time the sausage made me feel better. Here’s to poet ladies everywhere.
I follow PBS news, Charlie Rose, Tim Russert, and the McLaughlin group. It’s not original and it has been depressing. I’ve got my finger in the wind, and another in the dyke. Peace.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I’m going to morph this post. There’s so much to say, but it’s daylight and I’m going to go work out if I can. I’m in pain. You see every day is torment and or/torture for me in these here United States of America.

I think it's the MAFIA

“See what they gave you?” the black bus driver said to me today, ostensibly about the blank transfer he returned to me. “C” for cancer, for castration, “C” for Kill, that’s how I read it. You know I hoped it was the Neo-nazi’s, for it’s been easy for me to say “Never again,” about the Jewish Holocaust. I’m saying I’m part Jewish because “Jewish is as Jewish does,” and I’m doing too much to list here now. My family life has been genocide for me – no wife, no kids. No girlfriend, and I’m pissed off.
He left her, by the way. The black who impregnated my ex’s daughter twice. He left her. Friday here in Cleveland Hts., a nword stood over a white cop’s body, firing into kill him. I heard we never had a murder here, now this. I don’t think the blacks are going to like the sectarian violence here. Also, it was a black woman sugar sweet as they hurt me at Wendy’s Sunday.
Catholic’s have been good for shit, for me. I sent those hundred emails for help and got nothing.
The vendetta lady? I go to prayer group and pray for her cancer. I told her about my grade school. Now two drug addict hooker ladies extorted $19,000 checks plus against the pastor and the church is boarded up.
I shit you not. Pray for me. At my mother’s grave yesterday, my father said, “She loved me – I don’t know about you.” I told my counselor today it’s like a space walk tether to Catholics. These people are good for nothing. I like Naked Hope Dangling – it’s what I read.

At the JCC tonight there was some coughing, and I swore at the source and told them to take care of that. There I swam.
To get there, I rode the bus. To the black man wearing the A’s cap in front of me I accidentally said, “You’re going to be shot dead in the street.” I wasn’t thinking, or was merely thinking aloud and did not wish to confront him, but it came out because I was in angry pain. I think he heard me.
I am in pain now.
I was in pain then. To the woman with the I pod I said, “You look nice. You have nice fingernails. I hope to see you…” Here my voice trailed off as she removed her headphones. I had meant to say “…see you again.” I said, “Have a nice life.” And I meant it in a nice way, and she seemed happy with the attention.”
When I grow up I’m going to write a romance script where the guy gets the girl. On a bus where strangers meet. This woman tonight had looks worth living and dying for, and I let her go. Yesterday was hours looking at the Monet exhibit, and the ritzy people at the museum, and this woman today was beautiful.
Regrets, I have a few. Maybe I can write a nature poem about the fawn I almost ran into with my bicycle tonight. I didn’t know a dear that small could gracefully scamper. I regret that these two poetry ladies have not returned my email.
The address I recommend is She published my comment. I believe in her blog. And may get off my but and blogroll it for free. By now, Mr. Network manager (Me) s/b managing the apparatus to defeat evil and solve LARGE economic problems. Instead I’m complaining of pain below the belt where my evil enemies have focused their attack. I resolve to be a worthy writer.
I have not forgotten that my call for help fell on deaf ears. It’s OK if this all male school asks for money – but if I ask, they haven’t seen It’s a Wonderful Life. I have believed in them, and gone to church until… That’s another story for another day, and I do have another story to tell.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well I’m in pain and it feels like A number 1 torture medication below the belt. I wanted to publish something to change the topic from the language of hate, that I’m not expert at. I sent out two emails that got ignored, and this hurt my feelings. One of them had me briefly mention a group of people I’m having trouble with, and I worry though I can’t imagine repercussions from my mildness. The other went to a beautiful lady… who apparently isn’t buying my good nature.
It’s been brought to my attention that the internet here is good for freedom of expression. I agree. Where else can you get this kind of stuff, like what I write here? Well I’m up for a while because of this pain. The sensitive area has me bouncing off the walls, and emotionally it puts me through a ringer. I don’t trust this writing. I am suffering. It could be the Mob. It could be the CIA. It could be none of the above.
It could be because I started with my red hat to the JCC. I did not get there before close because of atrocious bus service. I told my bike mechanic that my front light had probably been ripped off (from the front of a bus bike rack.) A glue and clamp weld job held up on my bike frame, as I partially explained to this #2 mechanic. I pulled out the business card of my #1 mechanic, but did not cross two streets to phone him, when this other guy had the lights I like. #1 rebuilt my front wheel when other shops would not. I want to give him business if I can, but not today, I did not.
It could be because I gave my $20 bill cash to Rite Aid. I got change back and gave a $10 bill and a $5 to the mechanic, because has seemed to prefer exact change in the past, as opposed to this $20 bill is good for the underground economy thing. Perhaps we should be a little more Left than spending $20 at Rite Aid – I don’t know.
Perhaps it was because I said “Not tonight” to the Blockbuster manager who asked “Nothing for you tonight?” I said, “Not tonight,” and nothing about the forty emails they’ve sent me that my Visa has expired, and that my queue is empty (because I don’t want to pay their prices for mail service videos.) I had checked out movies for an hour, and used their pisshole too. This restroom was complete with paper clip flush chain. The beautiful blonde in her red prom dress and her black basketball looking dude of a date were probably sent in to frost me, as one of my favorite ex-girl friends now has not one, but two black grandchildren. This is probably a favored means of punishment by the Mafia – black children. This hurts me, my ex, and her daughter.
If you don’t believe me, take a look around.
And maybe by now you don’t like me because you cannot handle the truth.
It is now afternoon and I got some rest. I have arisen with pain. Before I slept I wrote these notes: “Healthcare and gas prices. Precious few bloggers who put up with my comments, as a way to publicize this good guy network.” This was tired lazy attempts to say politicians don’t speak enough about healthcare and gasoline prices. Also, I’ve not done much to publicize this good guy network blog, except comment on a few writers’ blogs. I respect these people. I don’t want to piss them off. But what also happened yesterday was this: On a short bike ride I heard a black woman’s voice yell out “Fag!” and at the time I assumed it was at me. I still think this, and that she maybe did not like my red plastic souvenir baseball hat (that also functions as a bicycle helmet.)
What am I to do with this information? I say publish while I can. I may have to pull this down or edit later. I can blog like crazy, commenting on others blogs if I care to go that avenue. I am in pain. Look if I want to be controversial, I should do a better job of defending my positions. Even if I’m doing the business of fighting evil. But time is short, and if I was going to make one point it is this:
It is the perceived apparent poisoning that goes on around my apartment. I should have taken the landlady’s offer to change the locks. Now I have to move anyway, and because of this complicated issue. Maybe they didn’t like my Imus piece – I’ve got to pick my battles.
Send money.

Thursday, April 19, 2007



Imus was a popular shock jock radio personality of national proportion. He is no longer. My expression of position on the subject continues to evolve. At first I would like to say nothing, because it is a lose-lose proposition. Second, I took the position that I did not want to stand up for him, because I’ve heard of him saying distasteful, discomforting things before. And I did not like him, because I thought of him as too right wing extreme. So I did not listen, and said that he has lost a free speech battle for us. I said his speech was too bigoted.
Now I’m reconsidering. Nappy haired, or nappy headed, is descriptive, and nowhere near as bad as the N word. I don’t think some one should lose their job for using the phrase.
He probably got canned for saying, “hos.” Prostitution is TABOO in this repressed country. The repression drives up price and availability (supply.) Before I’ve said “Hookers in a specific place.” Maybe it’s not a primary purpose of this blog to be so specific or repetitive. They are everywhere.
We have gotten more and more prude and repressed. This is changed, so that now I say Sports are gay, fascist, militaristic and corrupted by gambling interests. That’s a lot, and part of the reason it is expressed is because I don’t have a girlfriend, wife, or kids. What has been done to me is genocide. Genocide.
Make Love, Not War. Sex and violence are in some ways interchangeable, and people have preferences. This thing about Gates was rooted… The military is basically same sex and there’s more to this, like Hitler’s storm troopers were at one time exclusively homosexual, for a significant time. Many individuals try to remain normal, I’m sure. And I’m not trying to get the police angry at me. I will say if people got laid more they would not be beating on their fellow man.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Gates ... is Wrong

(This has been edited. The headline used to be "Gates is a nappy haired ho fag." These terms will be discussed in the next post on Imus and more.)
Save. That was the end of his career. At first they said he wanted to get rid of Guantonimo, but no, it still stands. The F...
You can’t do that, extend the tours.
Look, there’s no one to fight. Kick down doors and torture the inhabitants? Ride around and get blown up? There is nothing else to say except this war is cooked up by Bush to make BILLIONS for his cronies, and cause a fascist state here in U.S. Make Love not War. Do you feel Lucky?
And Oh by the way, it’s time to remind you to send money:
Obama raised 25 million dollars; the good guy network here did not raise TEN. I administer this fight against evil – send money.
1452 Forest Hills # 7A
Cleveland Hts. OH 44118

Monday, April 9, 2007


Philosophy came up with Logical Positivism, Linguistic Analysis, and the Philosophy of Science, including Probability. I am not to explain all this here, if I could, but will say I think the concepts are ingrained in my thought patterns. The guy who did explain it was one who so thoroughly spoke in paragraphs. I merely drop the terms here to excuse that I will write fleetingly of what I heard at an exciting political lecture. Maybe I can keep to the spirit of silence on the matter, and this will obviously not be a wide open essay on the matter.
It is so serious, that the subject is to be kept under the radar, in my manner of speaking, though I spilled beans in a counseling session as a result of being harassed. I had mentioned it on a pay phone, before I realized that this really is that big, and should have been secret – perhaps. Is it as secret as how to build ships in bottles? I don’t know. Is it secret society secret and serious? Perhaps I still don’t connect dots.

So I took a break and wondered what I wanted to say and why. Maybe also this is bad writing because I have to explain that I asked the lecturer if I could write on my personal blog that never had a comment, about what I heard this night. He said probably not. One, it didn’t feel right to call this personal, and two, according to probability which is so important to science, I can write about it. However I don’t yet feel comfortable. Thus the fleeting silence.
I decide the writing is of a style, perhaps (…) ? I don’t care, maybe cryptic is in order. Let me ask this, if a former president writes a bad book, can one get in trouble with the Secret Service for criticizing the book? I surmise so.

Saturday, March 31, 2007


Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Emory University called me up today – what the fuck do they want? Should I ask for Jimmy, or Ken.



Longer Lasting
The time has come to do something about this post. The one below is edited and annotated. The pain is worse. So much so that the position here must be “Stop The War.” Because society sucks, and we don’t need organized people dying to spread it around. Now I’d like to remain pro-Israel because of loyalty. In fact I’m thinking that they should nuke Tehran. Maybe. If I could be persuaded that this is not a war crime, I will be more vociferous about it. In general there seems to be a way of thinking that U.S. presence in the Middle East is necessary, like a finger in the dike. If the U.S. pulls out, who gets all the oil? How does this affect the world oil market, and what would be the state of anti-Israel activities? I don’t believe a regional conflagration along ethnic lines i.e. Muslim Civil war will affect oil supplies, and if they kill each other off, the better off we will be. Maybe the present Iraqi government will hold.
Otherwise, who cares? I’m being tortured and tormented just about every day. It’s the Mafia, CIA, FBI, Neo-Nazi’s or some such evil cabal and I’m having a difficult time fighting back in any way.
P.S. Today I got a call from Emory University. Thank You. Save.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Temporary Blog Post

I am suffering in physical pain, and to use a boxing term, it is below the belt. There is no reasonable explanation for this other than the fact that forces of evil have conspired to hurt me. It could be the Neo-Nazi’s. It could be the … Mafia. This has been edited, because when I see a blue and white flag, or one red white and green, I don’t want to feel disgust for whole nations of peoples. Balls – this is a sports term. It is illegal in boxing to hit the opponent in the Balls, below the belt. This is not boxing. It is not a game. It could be the CIA. In the past I have stood up to say Bush should be impeached.

I have been quiet about it lately, and for example I was under whelmed by King Abdulah’s appearance on PBS news. The PBS news guy is a Marine. This could be a social danger Gwen Ifil is not that great at her job. I am reminded that all these guys have to do is read news written with a lot of help, IF they can get it right.. Ray Suarez is OK, but scared me when he was hawking his book. Kwami Homan is tops - he delivers consistently. Margaret Warner is the best. She is the right hand man, the go to person, including in remote locals (the go get ‘em person.) I’m hoping they don’t crowd her out with Judy Woodruff, who’s OK so far.

These things are removed from my reality, as the pain and loneliness force my short attention span. You know, I’ve been hurt. This lady (the one to whom I addressed the email two posts ago,) narced on me as if I made a mistake. We spent so much time talking about peer compatriot support, and she turns me in to our supervisor. She thinks she can be a prude, like the right wing Christian evangelical conservatives. Or is she like those who run the prostitutes, jacking the price up with their repression? There is so much corporate plastic expense account prostitution, I believe, and I would not care about it if it did not affect me. I want a girlfriend, and in this economy I have nothing. This one I wrote the email to, I’d quote The Wizard of OZ, “Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?” but I have an opinion. I’d quote Shakespeare, “Methinks thou dost protest too much.”

I’ve got this other pain and this deck of tarot cards I don’t know what to do with. I don’t think they like it.

Also, I have not written to these lady bloggers yet. This would secondarily be an attempt to increase my readership. Also, hey, send money.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

PBS Real Player

PBS Real Player
Alert! There are problems with my Real Player, so I cannot access PBS TV news. I view this as an assault by the powers-that-be to deny me news information. This could be coming to you if we do not something about it. Conspiracy. I pay my monthly cable bill. Alert!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Humane Schlepping

Dear Nxxxx,
I’m thinking of joining that group – I found it on yahoo groups and it looks interesting like maybe I should help. I am paranoid so I did not do it at first.
Thank you for talking to me, I think, if I can trust you. Please let me know.
Right now I’m in pain and can barely think, if at all. It seems like evil is after me. Maybe they’re mad at me because I said, “There’s hookers at the JCC.”
It’s true.
I’m in such pain below the belt. That is a boxing term that is anatomically accurate. It seems like my things are poison – it could be the coffee, or the artificial sweetener, or the hot chocolate mix.
You know I didn’t want to make a big deal about it, but if the women are unfriendly there, I don’t think I should have to put up with their coughs and their dirty looks. And this poison pain. Maybe those two guys at the corner table tonight had something to do with it.
My looks are not mean, and if I want to watch these hard bodies work out I’m gonna. And I’m going to eat bacon cheeseburgers because even many Jewish people don’t keep Kosher.
And I don’t think my Kabbala rabbi is being that nice to me.
And I’m trying. I brought that “action alert” to the dinner, the one about the soldiers. And I still say that soldiers by definition are not kind, caring, and loving. I think this is fundamental about life, how the world works.
And how about this delusion. I think maybe my kid could be the messiah. I don’t want to put pressure on you sexually. I do think I have a right to a girlfriend, but it does not have to be you because you are unavailable. I think a friend like you could be a very important part of my life.
And Israel should not have used those cluster bombs in Lebanon. I’m trying to help, but sometimes it’s difficult. There cannot be peace because of Right wing extremists in Israel. And the Arabs are all messed up too. They are all messed up.
And I don’t know if I can send this, because it may look stupid. I tell people, I like the phone or in person, but this email looks stupid for years.
And here’s another thing. One of my favorite sayings is make love, not war. I think the country is not having enough sex, and that the headlines, the waste-of-time first and main news story of every day, the war in Iraq is SADISTIC. And we still get served up these homosexual SPORTS like we are supposed to care about the Super Bowl.
If you want to talk about this stuff, we can, because it may seem pretty wild but actually it’s pretty well developed thought, I think. It is that I am in pain and can barely think and I am angry at these evil people who are doing these things to me.
I also wanted to get out a thank you to you because you were generous to me.
I don’t think I can send this. Maybe sleep on it. But it’s three a.m. and I’m wide awake because of pain and I drank a pot of poison coffee.
The pain is continuing, and I can’t read. I’m beginning to feel more guilty that I did not ask you to be the mother of my child. If you can help with this Messiah thing, please let me know.
P.S. 11 p.m - You know I think I’m fighting evil. I’m in worse pain again. About this Messiah thing, I think every man should be hopeful about his progeny – a good cause, you know. Some of these things are related to my basic beliefs, however wild or mundane.
Your friend,

Friday, February 23, 2007

Steele and Thank You

Steele and Thank You
I don’t think the network is doing so well. I hit the send button, and I felt awful. It took a couple more days to send again, but I did, one half at one time, a total of well over a hundred, maybe two, hundred email addresses. The response I got was on the phone from my brother. What’s this blood thicker than water thing? He knew who Bobby Steele was. What are the odds, that my bro who spent one year at this possibly God forsaken high school would help out. These people apparently haven’t seen It’s a Wonderful Life.
Secondly, I think I’m going to turn to these lady bloggers for community. I love them. I’ve met most of them. My #1, go to blogger I probably won’t ever meet. Another one was/is my favorite writer. I don’t want to kiss up to her because she’s so powerful. I used to search the paper to see if she had a column in today. Most likely a book review. And her husband’s pretty cool too.
Erin is great. I don’t want her phallic people over here though, so I’ve been sparse on commenting on her blog. But that is what I must do, I guess. And write more here (where I can edit,) because invariable if I go on at length I’m going to say something stupid, or something that will look unfashionable five years hence. One lady I love to death in person, but I haven’t bought any of her books.
Another wrote A New suit for Charon, and I am overwhelmed. I think she’s warming to this medium, and I’ve been remiss in obtaining her free publication.
That’s five. They are all women, and I’m not. What develops?
There are more of these personal bloggers. They make my world go round. I’m not sold on this … this thing where the news people cannot upload as fast as my cheapest cable modem.
At one time I was going to cold call to promote our web design. I’m not there yet. And do we do pay pal or not? Hmm. You can ask me questions.
Also I’m in pain, and I think it’s the bad guys again. This and an inspection, like how much stress can a person field? More soon -- I’m to go comment on the realities.
Oh, and I almost forgot. My post did not show up on that network for good thing, which is really a Technorati venture and I’m not signed up with them either.
My thread on message board for social networking at AOL has got no response either.
On my space I was sleepy and accidentally used my first name instead of the network’s and I tried to back track but they wouldn’t let me. I did not return their email confirmation, but maybe I can be myself on my space, if I ever care.
P.S. 2/21/07 Allow me to end a bit more upbeat. These things, including the Religious Order thing may yet work out well.

Monday, February 5, 2007




This is why I’ve maintained a relationship with AOL. They can help make this thing go. There were only 39 other blog posts about networking for good. One place about Social Networking had zero threads. So that’s part of my goal for tonight. Make friends with AOL.
I’m a philanthropist. I just don’t have the endowment of Gates and Buffet, although I may contact these guys, who have not paid to be in the network. This is not set in stone. There is another guy who may come through – maybe I’ll post the letter here.
Also I want to open up My Space so I can talk to some people already there. And I’ll turn you all on to some books, movies, and music in my Blogger profile.
The news from my high school is so far non-existent. My message has been out there three days plus and there is resounding quiet. Not even a dud thump. There’s time, but I’m going to comment soon on the situation. The first time I hit the send button I felt awful. There’s got to be well over 100 adresses – too many to send at once, I was informed. It took days to work up the nerve to send in smaller batches, and there’s no reply. I think. For now I’m going to include Confederacy of Dunces in my books.
And I’m going to include Blue Velvet in my movies, if only for one of Dennis Hopper’s lines. Things have been hot for me in blogger land. This line did not impress a lady writer in my email to her. She must have complained because this other “demented” blogger is lady ranting about it. Finally, I’ve thanked a real lady writer for giving my writing some exposure on her blog. The thought that she was trying to expose me as not good, but a really crummy writer gave way when I decided to defend the controversial stuff as having some merit. I think she knows this too, and maybe I should have stayed quiet. Oh well, and I’m still going to defend the controversial priest thing, and the twelve step thing, where they should not have invited controversy to the name.
Finally there is another lady blogger to whom I wrote, “Maybe we’ll be blogger buddies." Maybe she remembers me from a chat or two, but she doesn’t really know me though I think she’s a really important writer from following her for a year. She likes her space and her privacy, so I don’t want her to feel weird about me being a fan. Some of this comes with the blogger territory, I think.
Here is the code to get to my spot nationwide:

Sunday, January 28, 2007

To My High-schoolers

This is what I’m sending to my H.S classmates:
Hi Guys!
You’re doing well, I hope.
Who was Bob Steele? Did he have a nickname?
Here is my blog: simultaneously at and (in case of administrative snafu) – and They are virtually identical – of one cloth. You may find it important, amusing, embarrassing, provocative, boring, and/or unbelievable. May you have continued comprehensive prosperity.
Xxxxxxxx ‘79

This version below did not make the cut:

Transcription of what was written at Wendy’s today, referencing David Mamet and The Writer in the Restaurant:


Hi Guys,
Just a note to say hello and plug my blog. What I’m doing may be important. I’ve been to the doctor today, and the line of succession for our CEO, CFO, COO, and Chairman (myself,) may be deferred a little while longer.
Perhaps you share some fond memories of our high school days. The school has a reputation for producing engineers, accountants, doctors, lawyers, judges, scientists, mathematicians, computer (person)s, and other generally successful people (including soldiers and police.) Our class grew up in turbulent times, and some of us didn’t make it. Time will tell about my writing career and if the Network produces one good deed.
I sincerely hope you are doing well. Feel free to email me or use the blog. I’ve not done much to publicize it at all.

P.S. Noted 1/25 from placemat at Wendy’s 1/23: About the email address name. I had hoped to be relatively anonymous years ago, and at the end of the lengthy procedure, Yahoo asked my name. I was conversant writing you didn’t ask before, not knowing this would serve me for years, not spammed out of existence.

This second version ran long. Also I’m still concerned about the permanent nature of email and I’m already getting a backlash from one of my controversial writings. Fashions change. There is an overly conservative concern with propriety, as in the word “inappropriate.” The question is, by whose standards and to what effect. And really just how polite is Society? Social problems remain. Who cares? If tolerance is cool in one venue, is censorship appropriate in another?
To me my self censorship seems timid. But also my life is rated X, so it’s hard to be forthcoming. Senator Webb gave an excellent speech, and has written several books, and doesn’t seem to have this problem. This needs not be the final word on war.
You know I’m going to have to write about the war soon.
This is related to current events that I keep up with. Much energy is soaked up by the war. Nevertheless, this is one of my qualities that qualify me to be a writer. Many people, whatever their background, HAVE SOMETHING VALUABLE TO SAY. Additionally, there is my undergraduate degree. I took many English courses. And theology courses. Philosophy. And there’s my book discussion groups. And my writers groups. Writer’s classes. I watch Charlie Rose critically every night, and until recently watched many culturally relevant movies. (I wonder if Hollywood is capable…) All these and life experience shape my writing.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Official - a post again


Hi! Here’s what I want to do. In this post I shall include a letter to a friend and list some topics I may further wax upon. Also some email addresses landed in my lap – I’m working on a message.


Dear Nxxxx,

Wow! These dinners are electric, and I don’t like it when they end.
People say stupid things, and email never goes away. So speaking for myself, maybe I’ll do better with the blogs. I mentioned the blog thing and it raises the issue of how to combine my personal life with my internet reality. Thank you for expressing an interest in what I might have to say.
Other topics: how many meals can I …(self censor), if I pay, if any …(self censor) is generated. Also, the answer to my question, “How can we make the world a better place?” This is suitable material for the blog.
I’m sorry that it took so long to mail back to you. You know my last was rejected. I’m still thinking of how to publicize the blog, and since my social position is so bad, how things have worked out, I’m still thinking how one world affects the other.
I’m still thinking of you and this business, tonight.
Your friend,

I should try to upload a logo

Answer what can do
The answer to the question, “What can we do, if we band together, to make the world a better place?” –from two places, was, “Stop the War.”

Keep receipt, pay cash or card
To me it seems, that the above activity qualifies the dining prearranged, as a business meeting. I did not keep the receipt to write off the expenses I paid – for a poor friend who showed up broke (and my own meal.) I prefer to use cash because I think it keeps the economy humming better. However, if I get to much grief from restaurants, I may use a debit card, which may be better for record keeping purposes. I didn’t keep the receipt for $24 including tip.

Share blog with persons already known or publicize other ways.
I’m leaning more toward the view any publicity, good or bad, can be helpful.

Pre-Bush speech
This meeting was before the Bush Speech, and I did not want to prejudge before the long awaited response to the Baker Hamilton Iraq Study Group findings.

Post-Bush speech
We waited for this? The neo-con perspective is truly frightening, with the upside that maybe we will get to use all our heavy duty aircraft and bombs to quickly vanquish the infidels. On the ground, it is hell and horrific, this kicking down doors and walking around as bull’s-eye target practice. And as somebody else finally said, riding around to get blown up by ied’s (with an inch of dirt on top, I add) sucks.

So I attend a twelve step meeting, and I think it is the white cops later who yell, “They killed her.” After they accost me with the feminine name of another accomplice(/victim?) I feel them guys, those other guys, are just the ones who would do it.

Dear Sirs: I would like to attend your Cabala class, but the $80 fee will be a hardship. Can we manage a reduction and/or deferred payment schedule?

The Bishop came to my parish and I didn’t tell him how the pastor gave me poison Holy Communion, back a little while.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

This site is building empire – a good guy network
I am a writer
The above is how the header is supposed to look, as of now. The software is not working.
Eventually this site will work like advertising. For now it’s like an outlet for a starving artist – me. OK I’m not starving, but it’s close and the network could use some cash for business meal meetings. So send money. Soon we can affect markets and prevent small wars.

I may be going over to wordpress to see if their software will let me blog easier.

Also, these posts may be changed, as invariably I stick my foot in my mouth and need to retract. Also, people are pretty picky these days about complaining about what other people say. And, email never goes away. This is a little better in that I can retract. So this is a little less like the problems Winston faces in the novel 1984.

Eventually we can provide web design too. We are keeping a spot open.

Finally, in description, this blog and we here are good fighting evil and no less.
You may send money. Things are so shaky that I cannot guarantee a plug here, but I will try. Also include any ideas on how you can help the network gain in power, and fight evil.

1452 Forest Hills #7A
Cleveland Hts., OH 44118