Thursday, January 15, 2009


Something’s bothering me from this last post. I want to unlink the Jewish mafia and the state of Israel. Some of it is not my business. The post gave the impression that because I may have problems with the Jewish mafia, if it exists, the war in Gaza was a wrong headed enterprise. I don’t think this should be my position.
The post says that because too many civilians are inconvenienced, Israel is wrong. This may be true, as other nations call for a cease fire. I also think of it this way: rule # 1 is Make Love Not War. Rule # 2 is: In case of confusion, see rule # 1. If you really have a problem with sex, one can create love and/or good things, in other ways.
Where it gets interesting is rule # 3, where if Hamas is launching rockets out of Gaza, Hamas is going to get hammered. This is a kind of Double Think, similar to what was in the book 1984. The problem for Israel is an existential struggle. It is related to the fact that there were 6,000,000 murders in WWII. And that this must never happen again.
Gaza, after being recognized by George Bush, elected a bunch of terrorists (Hamas) to lead their government. Bad move. Such enemies provided things like suicide bombers. This is wrong because suicide is wrong. This is wrong because of innocent victims nearby – victims of terror. All bets are off and Hamas should be destroyed. If their soldiers hide amongst civilians, that is their problem. This is evidenced by the current factual state of events. And the Fog of War. This is an explanation of why things are the way things are. Sometimes I think I should not be involved in such decisions, because I’ve led such a sheltered life.
But I do get tortured almost every day. I’m in pain now. The other day I paid $1.50 for a can of Spaghettios with meatballs from Walgreen’s, and had a bad reaction to it below the belt. What, not enough money, or maybe they don’t like the company Walgreen’s for some reason? Here’s something you won’t see on TV; because they are bought and paid for. The idea, that consumer goods can be poisoned from the factory is unthinkable, because of the phony reality perpetrated by the media.
And that Jewish Mafia, I think does exist. What, I can’s swim at the JCC? I get poisoned hard on those days. Because I say hello to Orthodox married women? I say hello to a lot of people. The Jewish mafia is probably allied with the Russian mafia and the regular mafia; these people should be going down, because they are evil. They should be dealt with accordingly. I’ve mentioned them on this blog, but in other life I try to avoid them. I don’t gamble or do drugs. I don’t interfere with hookers. They should leave me alone, but they are going down, by all means necessary.
How Israel and the Jewish mafia are separated remains to be seen. I don’t expect to survive this situation, as no one gets out of here alive. This blog is doing crummy – I think I had one reader on a tickler. If anyone has helpful comments or suggestions, they are welcome. There may be some time to smell the roses.

Monday, January 5, 2009

War Crimes

War Crimes
Way to go Israel, you just lost anther war. Are you going to use cluster bombs this time? Maybe ones made in the United States? The whole world is watching as you devastate a civilian population.
I was ready to support you and a one state solution. But I’m a little busy right now fighting off the pain from heart poison, testicle pain, and aggravated lung cancer: aggravated from doings of the Jewish Mafia.
What I want to know is if this is what Hitler had in mind: Stop the Mafia. Well? One State? Two State Solution? Final solution? I’m just posing the question because I’m in a lot of pain and it looks like the Jewish Mafia.
I saw the movie Valkyrie and I gave it an 8 out of ten when my father asked. Sure there was a lot of German soldiers running around. But half of them were trying to bomb Hitler. I don’t know, you watch the movie if you can stand giving up the money to a Hollywood steeped in sin. It was filmed on location, if this makes a difference.
My left brain cancer is acting up, so I better go and see you on the flipside.