Sunday, March 23, 2008


Didn’t get the memo: Hillary or McCain?

Cleveland Heights blacks chased me. I had fear. I could have lost an eye. I could have lost my wallet. I could have lost my bicycle. I pedaled hard. I lost none of the above. I can walk back there... It can happen. I am a white 46 year old man. I was harassed by 3 blacks. He said, "I'm going to bye me a forty, Homey." The future can happen.

P.S. 3/30/08 So far I’m going to leave this as is, except to say that the goal of this blog for good should be non-racist That is to say good people come in all forms. But also it is wise not to walk in bad neighborhoods at night.
That’s not what I was doing when I had this problem. In the future I hope to have more positive writings. I am being tortured by the bad guys. I do poetry and book club groups on their turf, but I do not actively confront them very much. I’ve seen scary movies that make me feel I’m out of my depth anyway. But I’ve got nothing better to do. If I write you an email, maybe you will write back. I am a writer. If I say something controversial, you are allowed to complain. I like my blog because I can change it, or take it back. So far I haven’t had to do that too much. We can win.