Sunday, March 23, 2008


Didn’t get the memo: Hillary or McCain?

Cleveland Heights blacks chased me. I had fear. I could have lost an eye. I could have lost my wallet. I could have lost my bicycle. I pedaled hard. I lost none of the above. I can walk back there... It can happen. I am a white 46 year old man. I was harassed by 3 blacks. He said, "I'm going to bye me a forty, Homey." The future can happen.

P.S. 3/30/08 So far I’m going to leave this as is, except to say that the goal of this blog for good should be non-racist That is to say good people come in all forms. But also it is wise not to walk in bad neighborhoods at night.
That’s not what I was doing when I had this problem. In the future I hope to have more positive writings. I am being tortured by the bad guys. I do poetry and book club groups on their turf, but I do not actively confront them very much. I’ve seen scary movies that make me feel I’m out of my depth anyway. But I’ve got nothing better to do. If I write you an email, maybe you will write back. I am a writer. If I say something controversial, you are allowed to complain. I like my blog because I can change it, or take it back. So far I haven’t had to do that too much. We can win.


MIMI said...

Cleveland Heights? I don't know the area, but I believe you. I too was walking through a rough area in Philadelphia and got chased by three young boys on their bicycles. They couldn't have been more than 10, but like pack animals they had me at a disadvantage. Fortunately a policeman happened by and broke it up. It was terrifying. I know, I too believe that everyman should be judged by his own merits and not skin color or economic bracket. However, to say that there is no difference between us would be naive and no one should be walking though bad areas alone no matter what their color. Thank you for rooting for me. How are you dealing with all that midwest winter?

DEBBIE Mc said...

Sorry I have been quiet lately, school is sucking my brain dry. Glad you got away safe! hope to see you Friday.

Heather said...

thank you for your supportive words...i do get it. had to remove that post though, trying to keep things a little more upbeat these days!

so sorry to hear that you were chased, luckily you are safe!