Saturday, April 26, 2008

At The Zoo

At The Zoo
Here are some pictures I took at the zoo about a year ago. I am a photographer. There was a contest at the time, but I didn’t enter. In your comment, please say which one I should have entered, and maybe why. This is what I call them: Leopard, Hippo, Polar Bear, Tortoise, Black Bear, Camels, Eagle, Bridge and People. Tonight I spent HOURS with the scanner and Yahoo Mail to try to email them to a friend. As I write this, I don’t know if my blog will take the pictures, so here goes.

Friday, April 25, 2008



City Boy Vs.* the Encroachment* of Nature

The Birds got their Revenge,
was it? And further, do
the loose cats know
something more is coming?

I brake for skunks.

The chipmunks are almost faster
than the eye can see.
A racoon climbs the vertical wall
to the trash dumpster lip.
(Road kill.)
The fawn was more graceful
than they so small and wobbly
are made out to be,
and it escaped my wheel
unlike the inert critter –
(I thought it was a squirrel,
But it pro’ly was a rat.)
Deer dart in and out
of the suburbs, --
Will we see them
on the ball courts next?

We may lose our food bank
Because of a mouse –
SHE doesn’t want them in the building.
A mouse or mice lived in my T.V. box.
(Lots of turds.)
One died there.

The Chinese build 2 coal power plants
per week, and
the Governor says
yes we can strip mine the entire state of Montana,
yet I’m concerned that the rabbits
in their burrows
may not be able to read their eviction notices
on time
since they don’t seem to do that well
with the eye chart.

If I’m on my front porch
in the desert of the American West,
maybe I’ll see a snake;
I don’t think I’ll care for it,
but rather for a remedy
of man’s inhumanity.
Let the glaciers fall
into the sea.
And if the EPA lets me breath out CO2
(a greenhouse gas)
I will continue to breath in.

* Sports terms

by Sam Stevens © 2007

So that’s a poem I’ve mentioned before. Global warming? Maybe a half a degree.
The orthodox dude at the JCC crowded my space and bumped (I said excuse me.) Of him, I can say, he’s not Christian. Perhaps he’s with the right wing settlers who should be educated. I need to continue to show respect to my benefactors.
I’m now in new pain and I blame the mafia as the bad guys. The Israeli air strike at Syria in September, 2007 was mentioned today on the news against conspiracy with North Korea. That strike was cleared with the U.S. Do you think George W. is going to clear it with you before he hits Iran? I hope I’m wrong, maybe. I should check with Kambiz, my would be friend from Iran. Is there anything he can say to stave off an invasion? In this country I was in the streets in 1979 against the Iranian kidnappings. As Billy Jack would say, I try and I try… to support Israel.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

8 Is Enough to Do Iran

8 Is Enough to Do Iran
8 Is Enough used to be the name of a TV show where there were eight kids in one family. I don’t think there was a marriage of instant family like the Brady Bunch: there was probably no birth control or abortion, and some poor woman popped them out like a Mormon Fundamentalist. Here, 8 percentage points victory in the Pennsylvania primary is enough for Hilary Clinton to continue her pursuit of the presidency.
Thing is, the call for experience may intensify with the Iran War. It’s a done Deal. Gates is going to be the last person to know about it. It is going to be nuclear. Could be Israel, could be us, but those military cities will be incinerated. I don’t know about the population centers, say Tehran for example. In Iraq, the stage is set for a complete withdrawal of American troupes. If the Iraqi forces answer the call, then Maliki can continue his federalist government. Otherwise, the Sectarians can kill each other with our blessing. We can hope for the $200 per barrel oil we are preparing for. More dead Muslims is OK, just ask the crusading Pope. Thing is, the military has proved its case that Iran is INTERFERING, in Iraq.
I think this is going to happen sooner rather than later. Clintonian experience will be at a premium, as we dismiss Cheney, ask for more Bubba, radio station Bubba, all Bubba, all day, all night. Do you think we are going to forgive “W” for any of this?
I may post a poem or pictures to muffle this. You can send contributions to the Cedar Rd. address below, or, Network, you can comment!!!
Maybe in the face of all this blood, the PEOPLE will give up their taste for the mafia.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I’m in pain below the belt. I’ve got to write on my blog that organized crime, Alcoholics Anonymous, and the people who own the bars are all the same people. The ninth step functions as a giant collection agency, including the negative connotations.
I should be for Hilary because the Clintons were nice to my Aunt in Little Rock. They were friends. I just didn’t like that Sopranos commercial, and the way she used the word Family. Plus I liked Edwards.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

One Minute Warning

The One Minute Warning
Trying to be positive with a little editing, I front load this a little. First, if all else fails talk about the weather that has turned the corner. Spring! It’s warmer, and the clear skies were a bonus lately.
Secondly, all of you with a special somebody of the opposite sex may be thankful you’re so lucky. Even if it’s temporary. Married, great. If you’ve got kids and/or living parents, wonderful. These are most important things.
Thirdly, a guy walks into a bar, no, a grocery store. He’s got a black eye and his friend says, “What happened to you!” Guy says, “I was fighting for my girlfriend’s honor.” The friend says, “Looks like she was trying to hold on to it.” This is from a book I’m reading, The Welsh Girl, by Davies.
Now back to our regularly scheduled program…
Usually you have heard of the 2 minute warning in football games. But then these are not the best of times, however weird.
There was a Wal-Mart worker, a cop, and a priest at the door. A joke, no, I wish. I’m pretty sure it was the Wal-Mart worker who said, “You have three minutes left." Then a male voice said, “You have one minute left.” Somehow I lost two my nuts. Or could I still keep one?
In real terms I’m having enough pain so that I worry about my cajonnes the Mafia seems so obsessed with.
I wrote against the Mob in a comment, but then Erin took down her post. It’s to be published in print only. I continue to wish her well.
Maybe it was heard that I’m presently going neutral in the Pennsylvania primary, and saying I could vote for Obama in the general election. This would be to ignore two R’s, Wright, and Rezco.
Also, I am strongly against the Mexico fence, for environmental reasons. I think there must be better ways, like fining employers, for dealing with illegal immigration. I heard that there are tons (20 or more is a guess) environmental regulations that the Bush administration is overriding.
Recently I was informed one of my emails from yahoo failed to go through to a gmail person. I don’t understand if the filter sent it into something like bulk, or just evaporated it as spam. This is more than symbolic if not implicit direct evidence of the collapse of Western Civilization.
Finally I want to write in support of Moses, who may or may not have been using psychoactive substances when he brought down the Ten Commandments, the kabbalah, and the 613 mitzvoth, (sp.) More than half of these don’t apply if we don’t live in Israel. Or if we are not considered Jewish, exactly. I say if natural substance pharmacology puts us in closer contact with our God, then more power to us.