Tuesday, April 22, 2008

8 Is Enough to Do Iran

8 Is Enough to Do Iran
8 Is Enough used to be the name of a TV show where there were eight kids in one family. I don’t think there was a marriage of instant family like the Brady Bunch: there was probably no birth control or abortion, and some poor woman popped them out like a Mormon Fundamentalist. Here, 8 percentage points victory in the Pennsylvania primary is enough for Hilary Clinton to continue her pursuit of the presidency.
Thing is, the call for experience may intensify with the Iran War. It’s a done Deal. Gates is going to be the last person to know about it. It is going to be nuclear. Could be Israel, could be us, but those military cities will be incinerated. I don’t know about the population centers, say Tehran for example. In Iraq, the stage is set for a complete withdrawal of American troupes. If the Iraqi forces answer the call, then Maliki can continue his federalist government. Otherwise, the Sectarians can kill each other with our blessing. We can hope for the $200 per barrel oil we are preparing for. More dead Muslims is OK, just ask the crusading Pope. Thing is, the military has proved its case that Iran is INTERFERING, in Iraq.
I think this is going to happen sooner rather than later. Clintonian experience will be at a premium, as we dismiss Cheney, ask for more Bubba, radio station Bubba, all Bubba, all day, all night. Do you think we are going to forgive “W” for any of this?
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Maybe in the face of all this blood, the PEOPLE will give up their taste for the mafia.

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