Friday, April 13, 2007

Gates ... is Wrong

(This has been edited. The headline used to be "Gates is a nappy haired ho fag." These terms will be discussed in the next post on Imus and more.)
Save. That was the end of his career. At first they said he wanted to get rid of Guantonimo, but no, it still stands. The F...
You can’t do that, extend the tours.
Look, there’s no one to fight. Kick down doors and torture the inhabitants? Ride around and get blown up? There is nothing else to say except this war is cooked up by Bush to make BILLIONS for his cronies, and cause a fascist state here in U.S. Make Love not War. Do you feel Lucky?
And Oh by the way, it’s time to remind you to send money:
Obama raised 25 million dollars; the good guy network here did not raise TEN. I administer this fight against evil – send money.
1452 Forest Hills # 7A
Cleveland Hts. OH 44118

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