Saturday, November 7, 2009


Trade Lebron, and Z.
Because of the Bulls game. Z was 0 for Nine. This suggests he was sucking into the Chicago based international home of organized crime. Goodbye Z.
Same way with Lebron. Against the Bulls, he wasn’t much of a “difference maker.” We count on him to beat the criminal Bulls. But he did not show up.
Against the New York Knicks…
“a playful night for James as he danced for the fans, mugged for the cameras and even slapped hands with Jay-Z… He had hardly the same attitude in Cleveland the night before, when he didn’t seem engaged in the offence…”
I watched them against the Bulls. I did not see them against the Nicks. We were home against Chicago. And the coach stinks because he lost against the Sixers in a record setting game last year. Delonte wanted to play. Let him coach (with a shotgun?)

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