Sunday, February 3, 2008


Katrina, Martine and Margaret
At the risk of repeating myself I discourse on Katrina, where payback is a mother. It seems the Mob should not have participated in the assassination of JFK. It’s obvious that the storm was steered, and that levies were blown up. Tisk, tisk. No drinking water for you, even though we are FEMA. All you poor people of color should not have been mobbed up with the Godfather. Go to hell. A watery, dirty, dank hell, yes, but there you can practice your Santeria and your Voodoo, and the rest of us will sleep better.
Martine speaks the Queen’s English the best and her BBC news is more interesting than Marine Jim Leher’s fascist kissing PBS show. Even Katie Couric deserves more air listening time these days.
Margaret Warner is the best news person on the planet, and she has gone on location to difficult places. She is intelligent and deserves attention.
I know this post is skinny but at least it’s something for January, where I can continue to grub for contributions, which are a perfect nothing for the past year.

P.S. 2/3/08 Well I’m happy that I watched the Giants win the Super Bowl, and the commercials were disappointing. I liked the early “What is life?" Pepsi commercial with its SNL reference, but otherwise they sucked. Especially the one where the guy woke up with his car in his bed. Like the Godfather. How about this? You’re going to hell and we are going to send you there. Not you dear reader of course. But I’ve had a lot of personal (poisoned) pain and mainstream media seems weak, and late night radio seems wasteful.

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