Tuesday, December 4, 2007

sevnetus 2, Coin Toss Won

sevnetus 2, Coin Toss Won
So I did catch a ball game this weekend, and it ended with a blown call by a ref in black and white stripes. This is one of the lessons kids should learn, that the officials or umpire, is very likely going to screw up the whole game. Dan Dierdorf said, “This is not a democracy or a republic…,” speaking about replay review. Oh, sports are fascist and gay, that’s the short version.
It’s like a coin toss. One team is going to win; one team is going to lose, so why subject yourself to all this intermediary aggravation? There’s the image of two soldiers or sailors short on time and forced into a ménage a trois deciding what female body part they get with the call, head or tail. And furthermore these types of events are gambled on to fixed results.
Maybe I wouldn’t complain, but yes I am in pain. And it’s the bad guys who must be combated with extraordinary means. I’m conflicted. Such a civil libertarian. I think Bush was illegal when he was using telecommunications companies like ATT and AOL for information outside of FISA and outside of warrants. Read Banned Books. But if the Mafia is running around causing havoc with their funny language, I’m good for one vote to take them on. These are guys who impersonate religion. One vote against Hilary who parodied the Sopranos last episode with a campaign advertisement – I don’t think its funny, I’m in pain.
This is what Margaret Atwood meant in The Handmaid’s Tale, “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” I’m in pain below and poisoned every day, every day a criminal assault.
I’m speaking from a position that I’ve had a lot of crummy jobs in my life. Now I have none. I used to work for the government too.
The pope wrote an encyclical about hope, and that hope dangling wrote me back is not a coincidence, it’s important.
What happens when year after year all the money gets sent to OPEC countries for oil. No wonder this government wants to take over a country (Iraq) for oil. And things are not balanced.
You writers can write, blog writers can blog and see that this essay strains at cohesiveness. I usually pick tails. And if I play it means I win both ways. Because we are coming to take away the Mafia’s rights.


Heather said...

Thanks! Only about a million more semesters to go....
Hopefully I am rewarded for my efforts.
I agree, time to give Ramona a break, and also, I NEED a second pug.
Luckily no men to need me yet. I can devote all my time to the dogs...

kambiz said...

Hi there, thanks for coming to my blog, as I left a message there for you, we can talk. there is my email address in my profile. feel free to get in touch anytime.cheers.

Baby~Mama~Elyse said...

thanks for the comment on my poems...i have about a million more, hopefully they will make it to my blog someday soon.
yes it is amazing how the man can be so unsentimental about such a fine creation he was half of, but you know we are different species. he is still around, about 25%..and all for the baby. yes, i have abandonment issues, lol.

Tiff said...

Hello mystery blogger. How about divulging some details about who you are. Did you run across my blog by chance, myspace or do we know each other? Either way, thanks for reading my blog, yours is interesting and perhaps we'll run into each other again...out here...in the blogosphere. Cheers.

sevnetus said...

Hello all and thank you for your interest! My posts reveal and expose a lot bout me. Furthermore, the books, movies, and music in my profile e.g. "Henry Miller, anything by Henry Miller..." are what I recommend and I'm saying they have shaped my personality.