Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I need some place to go. I have someplace to go.
Blogging is something I do. I’m tickled pink that I’ve gotten thoughtful comments on what I’ve put forth. I’m thankful, because it has given meaning to my whole past single life I’ve been concerned with. Also I’m doing now. Let me restate now.
I study poetry to make my prose better. I don’t like reverse discrimination. I don’t like fascist homosexuality, for example. Lesbians who preach a woman only needs women do a disservice and are the enemy. I’m sorry but the culture of prudery and same sex proponents do us a great disservice. Make Love, not War.
Other than that I’m trying to build a good guy network. Read my writer friends and they’ve been bland and not commented on my blog. One whom I owe a very lot too has guests I don’t want, so I comment infrequently on her blog. Another I’m going to list for free, just to be connected.
I’m reading blogs and finding people based on my quality books, movies and music. Wordpress has poetry and politics, and these thoughtful people are welcome here. I resolve to be nicer in my comments; for example I stumbled into a radical Mormon and I’m sorry I was a little nasty.
I’m in physical pain so I blame the Mafia: Italian, Russian, and/or Jewish. They keep hurting me, so I think we should blow them up. I’d rather be a uniter than a divider, but Regan was one of our worst presidents and if that’s a deal breaker, so be it.
Onward I explore the blogosphere and hope to make connection. Thank you.

Edit by toning down the Lesbian enemy by necessity. Can the caste system be minimized. And can my social position by improved, even if it currently is not believed?

P.S. 9/18/07 Edited today. I’ll try again next time to say something similar, to get it right. Can you help me make peace with the Man-haters?


Heather said...

Very true....that is what they say. Your best is all anyone can do I guess.

Like your blog!

Thanks for the comment!

High Heels said...

Re: verse discrimination...

There is poetry in prose, too.