Friday, June 8, 2007

Double Horn Honk

Double Horn Honk
What is being done to my left testicle is criminal. The pain is meant to do psychological damage to me. I mean damage beyond the ability to shake off the pain. Beyond the ability to say, “I had some pain in the past, it’s better now, so it doesn’t matter much.” I’m talking long lasting damage from torture. I’m talking fear of disfunctionality in the physical organ, the ability to provide testosterone. Emasculation. Does the phrase, “Dead meat” mean anything to you? For no good reason, these SOB’s are messing with me. This is when I could be running a worldwide network of powerful people. Instead, the question is should I go back to the BLACK night manager who followed me around the store and say, “Here, what you sold me is poison.”
The decision was that this is a daytime thing, that to deal against evil s/b done by the light of day. The double horn honk came as I left Giant Eagle with my double eggs and double gallon sale milk. Daytime I should wear my, “I am a Witness” T shirt that I garbage picked yesterday. I want to comment on other blogs and bring traffic here. Does this sound ridiculous? No.

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DEBBIE Mc said...

So, I keep looking for an update or someting. How are you? Keeping out of the heat? Debbie