Sunday, January 7, 2007

This site is building empire – a good guy network
I am a writer
The above is how the header is supposed to look, as of now. The software is not working.
Eventually this site will work like advertising. For now it’s like an outlet for a starving artist – me. OK I’m not starving, but it’s close and the network could use some cash for business meal meetings. So send money. Soon we can affect markets and prevent small wars.

I may be going over to wordpress to see if their software will let me blog easier.

Also, these posts may be changed, as invariably I stick my foot in my mouth and need to retract. Also, people are pretty picky these days about complaining about what other people say. And, email never goes away. This is a little better in that I can retract. So this is a little less like the problems Winston faces in the novel 1984.

Eventually we can provide web design too. We are keeping a spot open.

Finally, in description, this blog and we here are good fighting evil and no less.
You may send money. Things are so shaky that I cannot guarantee a plug here, but I will try. Also include any ideas on how you can help the network gain in power, and fight evil.

1452 Forest Hills #7A
Cleveland Hts., OH 44118

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